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Search Engines Dominate Mobile Product Research

Local Corporation released survey results from its latest round of consumer mobile shopping research. The company is promoting a new version of its local-mobileshopping app Havvit. The survey was conducted in March and carried out by the Chicago-based e-tailing group and

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Is Rewarder The Heir Of Google Answers?

There have been a range of “answer engines” or “help engines” (Q&A sites) that have come and gone over the years. Some of them might be considered “social search.” Yahoo Answers, (more recently focused on Q&A),, Askville (Amazon),

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BrandVerity Offers Feedback From Google, Bing On Paid Search Trademark Complaints

Brands aiming to protect themselves from trademark infringement in paid search are often met with white noise after they submit complaints to the search engines. They typically aren’t told if any action was taken — and even more frustrating, if

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Google Voice Search Easter Egg Unlocks “Cheat Mode”

Googler Pierre Far has found a Google Easter egg  that opens up “Unlimited free Google searches” for everyone. According to Far’s Google+ post, doing a Google voice search for, “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right” on his Android phone prompted

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How to improve the search engine rankings of my small business ?

1) Find the right keywords that customers use to find you. For example, if you own a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, then Tampa Bay restaurants or Restaurants in Tampa Bay will be an important keyword phrase for you. If your

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How to find google adwords, keywords my business competitors use ? – Quick Tutorial

It’s important when analyzing keywords that you know which keywords your competitors use and if you’re in the proper league to either continue to use them or try for keywords that are still popular yet not used as often. Some

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Google Testing New Sponsored Shopping Boxes, With 3D View

Google continues to experiment with Google Shopping displays beyond the traditional thumbnail box panel of Product Listing Ads. This latest version is larger than the sponsored result spotted earlier this month for the book “Don’t Make Me Think”. Found by Twitter user Britney

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Google Stepping Up Merchant Feed Enforcement

Got some slop in your Google product feed? Now’s the time to revisit all those pesky identifiers and tidy things up. Google is upping its enforcement of product feeds in Google Merchant Center again. Google began this process last year by disapproving

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Surprising SEM Stats Every E-Commerce Marketer Should Know

Santa’s elves weren’t the only ones busy this past holiday season. Paid search was also working overtime to make sure shoppers ended up with perfect holiday gifts. The share of e-commerce transactions driven by SEM during November-December 2013 was 15%,

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Google Adds Restaurant Menus To Search Results

That Google menus experiment we told you about a couple weeks ago? It’s now official. But it’s only available in the U.S. at the moment. Google announced that it’s now showing restaurant menus as a OneBox-style answer at the top of its search

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