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How to improve the search engine rankings of my small business ?

1) Find the right keywords that customers use to find you. For example, if you own a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, then Tampa Bay restaurants or Restaurants in Tampa Bay will be an important keyword phrase for you. If your

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How to find google adwords, keywords my business competitors use ? – Quick Tutorial

It’s important when analyzing keywords that you know which keywords your competitors use and if you’re in the proper league to either continue to use them or try for keywords that are still popular yet not used as often. Some

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Why I need a Mobile Friendly Website – [Infographic]

1) Your customers smart phones and tablet devices. 2) Your Current Website Is Not Compatible with Mobile Device. 3) Customer using Mobile Phones Is Exploding Here are a couple of stats from the infographic: 8% of all digital traffic comes

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3 Reasons why my business needs a mobile friendly website.

1) Your customers smart phones and tablet devices. Nearly everyone around you carries an Internet-connected device. Maybe it’s an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Kindle or other tablet. Even some MP3 players such as an iPod touch have web browsers built

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Google Glass for Military

The American military may soon be filled with soldiers sporting Google Glass-like headgear that can measure distances, display 3D building layouts, transmit video from a drone and more, all on a glass display right in front of their eyes. Battlefields

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How to Build a Responsive Website in few simple steps ?

What is a Responsive Web Design ? Watch this one minute video. Step 1. Meta Tag Most mobile browsers scale HTML pages to a wide viewport width so it fits on the screen. You can use the viewport meta tag

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How to build a mobile friendly website ?

Mobile internet usage has grown phenomenally over the last few years. With over 10% of traffic coming from mobile devices (and some sectors seeing an even higher proportion of mobile traffic), building a mobile-friendly site is a worthwhile effort, and

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Facebook Will Make ‘Look Back’ Videos

Facebook is changing its policies regarding profiles of users who have passed away. Facebook on Friday altered its privacy settings on memorialized profiles so that all functions operate as they did when the user was active on the platform. For

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How to choose a Web Design Company?

  A company’s website is a window to its products and services and more often than not, the first point of contact with customers. It’s important for a business website design to convey the company’s quality of work. If the

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How To Rebrand Without Losing Your Hard-Earned Rankings

As an SEO, I’ve worked with many clients during rebranding initiatives to ensure that their sites retain rankings — and, over the past few months, my own firm has been undergoing a brand transition. Thus, I thought I’d use my

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