Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

If there’s a niche in the consumer electronics market, Samsung will fill it, sooner or later. Phablets, fitness bands, smart watches and nearly every space in between. This approach — largely regarded as the antithesis of Apple’s “one product to rule them all” strategy — has been a big part of what’s made the company’s Galaxy line some of the most popular and recognizable products in all of tech.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Back at CES, the company announced plans to embrace the ever-growing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, and in typical Samsung fashion, it’s gone all-in. The company has a grand total of four new tablets aimed at straddling that line between the personal and the professional — prosumer, if you will. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 marks the high end of the spectrum, with its premium look and feel, S Pen functionality, a suite of business-focused apps and a gorgeous — and enormous — 12-inch display.

But such premium features come with a premium price tag. Here that means $750 for the 32GB model and $850 for 64GB one. Both of those are Wi-Fi-only editions, incidentally — Samsung has yet to announcing pricing for the LTE models, but we shudder to think. That price will get you a nice device, but during testing, I found myself circling the same question: Who precisely is this high-end prosumer tablet for? I’m stumped. If I figure out an answer before we finish this review, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Dressed to impress

Samsung’s industrial designs run the gamut from chintzy to sublime. The Note Pro, thankfully, tends toward the latter. After all, if employees are required to adhere to office dress codes, shouldn’t their gadgets? This massive tablet shows up to the job decked out in the same fashions first made popular on the Galaxy Note 3, namely a sort of faux-leather backing with a false stitched border. Don’t worry — it’s not as tacky as it sounds.

Actually, the Pro wears it well. From the back, the slate looks not unlike a leather-covered portfolio. It’s a touch that plays well with the skinny and subtle brushed aluminum sides while adding some traction to your grip. Read More…

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