Review of Tumblr’s Custom Theming Ability

If you’re a savvy tech maven, you may have heard of, or had the chance to use, this powerful micro-blogging platform.

No wonder; millions of people have chosen Tumblr as their blogging service, and the average Tumblr user creates 14 original posts every month. Half of those posts are photos, and the rest consist of text, links, quotes, music and video.

Tumblr is nothing to sneeze at. It has proven itself worthy of receiving cash infusions from two venture capital firms and a number of angel investors.

If you’re thinking of climbing on board the Tumblr train, this article is your golden ticket. We’ll discuss what Tumblr is and how it works, then we’ll look at how to customize it. We’ll cap that with a few miscellaneous bits of wisdom—things I wish I knew when I got started with Tumblr. All aboard!

Review of Tumblr’s Custom Theming Ability

Before diving into customizing Tumblr, let’s hammer out what Tumblr is and how it works. If you’re already familiar with Tumblr, skip down to the “Customizing Tumblr” section below.

Tumblr is a unique microblogging platform that bills its service as “the easiest way to blog”— and ease of use is certainly its main draw. Sharing the usual suspects (text and links) is dead simple, but Tumblr really shines when sharing media such as photos, video and music. Heck, even sharing quotes from other websites is easy.

And Tumblr is growing fast; at the time of writing, Tumblr had 951,860,971 posts created by 7,068,516 bloggers.

Tumblr has developed a unique vocabulary to describe the platform. A “tumblog” is the word insiders use to describe a Tumblr-powered blog, and to “reblog” is to repost content from another tumblog.

You can also “like” other tumblogs, and a tumblog can attract “followers” (as on Twitter), who receive updates each time you post content. Read More…

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