Portable ‘Lab’ Prints Digital Pics

Retro photographers, lovers of good design and anyone who still decorates their fridge/desk/walls with prints.

Digital photography has decimated film, but that doesn’t mean no one likes to print photo anymore. Now we’re just more selective — it used to be that you needed to print out all your photos to get just the one or two you really wanted.

Portable 'Lab' Prints Digital Pics

Now photo printers and printing services let us get prints on demand. That’s great, but for those who like the look of analog film, prints from ultra-precise inkjets and laser printers can sometimes lack flavor.

That’s why a group of people launched the Impossible Project in 2008. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, the company brought to market its Impossible Lab: a curious-looking tabletop gadget that turns your iPhone photos into prints — analog, instant prints.

he lab can do this because of the work Impossible put into creating instant prints that works just like the old Polaroid ones, which ceased production in 2008. Keep that in mind if you buy the Lab as a gift — the owner will need to occasionally replenish the film supply at $20-$25 a pop.

To anyone who appreciates the retro feeling of Polaroids, though, that’s a small price to pay. Paired with the iOS app, the Lab (which is battery-powered for easy portability) will pop out an instant print of any iPhone photo, which will develop in seconds once it ejects. Just hearing that click and whir will certainly bring back fond memories for lots of people.

Source : Mashable

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