Galaxy S5: What can we expect

The Samsung Galaxy 5 will be launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and is predicted to be a significant upgrade on its predecessor the S4. Here are the main features we can expect from the new handset.

Galaxy S5: What can we expect

 16 Megapixel camera

The new and improved camera is expected to shoot 4K video at 30fps and 1080 at 60fps, and is rumoured to be feature a sensor which allows you to take pictures by tapping the side of the device, removing the need to search around for the physical button. Smart stuff.

Bigger than ever

If you thought the S4 was large, you ain’t seen nothing yet. With an expected HD screen size of 2560 x 1440, the S5 is set to be an absolute monster. It’s also expected to be more sensitive than ever before, meaning apps may be activated by gesture in the air above the screen rather than physical touch.

Android’s 4.4 KitKat is the predicted software system of choice, to power the leaked images of the new user interface as reported last month. The interface features brightly coloured tiles with sports results, messages from contacts, flight updates, fitness monitor, maps and local events. Rumours abound that the Galaxy S5 will be dust and waterproof, following on from the decidedly hardy Galaxy S4 Active.

Fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will include an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, requiring the user to swipe across the home button, according to new reports. According to insiders, the sensor will be implemented into the home button and not into the screen display, as had been previously reported. The finger pad must be pressed flat against the key and swiped at a moderate speed, Sammobile has reported, and a real-time image of your fingerprint will appear on the display. Any attempts to swipe the key with a wet finger will allegedly result in an error message.
Fingerprint scanning will reportedly be incorporated throughout the operating system, and up to eight fingerprints can be registered to designated tasks or app shortcuts. A newly-developed private app feature allows users to swipe their finger to access apps, widgets and other content they want to keep private.

Following in Apple’s plastic iPhone 5c and metal 5s, the S5 is believed to come in two incarnations. The metal model is expected to be the more expensive of the pair, with 64-bit support.

Source : Telegraph

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