BlackBerry looking at a phone for medics

The troubled smartphone maker will break even this fiscal year, Mr Chen said, because of its renewed focus on its traditional customers such as big businesses, regulated markets and government.

He said that while the company would not try to make cheap phones for emerging markets, it would maintain its position by going back to the key features that drove its former success.

“What BlackBerry does the best is security and productivity and communications,” he said. “We have to make it competitive but we’re not going to play the $75 phone game.”

BlackBerry looking at a phone for medics

He claimed that by looking at specific markets, the company could end up producing highly targeted devices. “Eventually we could build a phone for the healthcare industry, and other verticals,” he said. “Blackberry is more of a secure computing platform.”

Although BlackBerry’s stock has declined precipitously in recent years, Mr Chen’s strategy has seen it regain ground. Looking at profitable niche markets would allow BlackBerry to address new opportunities.

Launching two new mid-range phones, one with a keyboard, Mr Chen said the company’s previous strategy under his predecessor had allowed the company to lose focus by neglecting core business customers. “We have done some damage to our enterprise focus,” he said. “That is not going to happen anymore. We got ourselves spread a little too thin.”

The company will introduce a new version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server that will work for all generations of its devices, including the older models which Mr Chen called “BlackBerry Classic”, and the newer phones based on the BB10 platform. A new suite of software for the BBM messenger platform will also seek to integrate it into business users, especially those where records of conversations are required for regulators.

Source : Telegraph

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