Simple Messaging Changes That Can Mean Big PPC Bucks

There are many ways in which PPC accounts can go astray. For example, wrong keywords, incorrect bidding, bad landing pages, etc… I think you get the picture. An often overlooked pitfall relates to basic marketing strategy/messaging. If basic marketing principles are overlooked, PPC goodness tends to fall off the rails.

In this article, I’ll cover some of the marketing-related ways that companies can go astray. In our experience, we’ve found that 90% of our clients (large and small) benefit from such information.

3 Simple Messaging Changes That Can Mean Big PPC Bucks

Boldly State Your Value Propositions And/Or Unique Selling Propositions

A big mistake is not focusing on value propositions (VPs) and/or unique selling propositions (USPs). Many companies assume their visitors know what they are all about. This is one of the biggest mistakes of all time.

It’s absolutely imperative that you explicitly state why people should buy from your company. Take a look at the Zappos example below. Even Zappos, which is very well known for their free shipping and return policy, states it a few times on their page.

Ideally, the information you highlight should have at least one USP that resonates with your audience. Combinations like two value props and one USP are fine, but be sure to not include too many.

Look at the example below. They have 250K sheet music arrangements (USP) that are available instantly. In the example below, they repeat it over and over in different places on the site/using different wording. Read More…

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