Your Twitter Conversations Fall Into One of These Categories

New research from Pew Research Center looked at the way Twitter users engage in conversations on the service. The study examined Twitter content over several years from users across the U.S., and looked at how that content was dispersed and discussed among certain groups.

Researchers concluded that there are roughly six different types of conversational archetypes that take place on Twitter. In other words, most conversations take the form of one of these six general structures: Polarized Crowd, Tight Crowd, Brand Clusters, Community Clusters, Broadcast Network, Support Network.

 Your Twitter Conversations Fall Into One of These  Categories

The clusters certainly make sense, and they also look familiar. You may recognize some overlap in how you engage in conversation outside of Twitter as well. Here’s how each category is described in the study.

Polarized Crowd — If you like to talk politics on Twitter, this may be your group. Polarized crowds tend to occur when the topic of conversation is something controversial and often political, such as Obamacare. The conflicting nature of the subject matter pushes users into one of two camps: a conservative group and a liberal group. There is very little interaction between the two.

“Polarized Crowds on Twitter are not arguing,” the study reads. “They are ignoring one another while pointing to different web resources and using different hashtags.”

Despite sharing the same general subject matter, these users are not sharing the same material. Liberals link to more mainstream news websites, while conservatives tend to share “conservative news websites and commentary sources,” the study found. Read More…

Source : Mashable

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