Live Google Shopping Campaigns

Google announced the Google Shopping campaign program is now available to all online merchants.

Google Shopping campaigns, which have been in beta since October, are a new version of PLAs which change how ads are created. They make creating PLAs more transparent within AdWords and give advertisers more control, allowing them to view more product information with less involvement with the data feed and an intuitive product group break-out structure.

Live Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns 101

Here are three of the major elements of Google Shopping campaigns:

Layering Structure

Shopping campaigns are designed to make product group creation more intuitive for advertisers. Instead of building out product groups based on data feed labels, advertisers can create sub-product groups using all of the product information within AdWords.

Each product group for Shopping campaigns is a sub-set of the “All products” group. Product groups are built by segmenting a portion of the “All products” group; so, it’s easier for merchants to visualize ad hierarchy and avoid bid overlap.

Product Visibility

Shopping campaigns let merchants create product groups within AdWords without needing to look at the product data feed.

Google pulls product information into AdWords and allows merchants to segment product groups from the entire data feed. Merchants can choose existing feed labels or use one of ten data feed labels to segment product groups, all within AdWords.

New Tools

Shopping campaigns feature some great tools which help advertisers leverage competitor data and their own product performance. Read More…

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