Using a Pre-Launch Checklist for your Website

Accounting for every aspect of a new website isn’t easy, especially at the last minute.

The problems aren’t the details themselves, but rather the process of making sure that seemingly minor details don’t add up to sloppy work.The best solution is to write it all down.The worst solution is to not take a pre-launch checklist as seriously as the planning stage itself.

Using a Pre-Launch Checklist for your Website

With the hundreds of details that go into building or redesigning a website, overlooking minor points is easy, especially as deadlines loom—or pass. But missing details detract from the quality of a website.

Call it quality control or covering your butt, but every project has certain tasks that need to be accomplished before it is launched. Deciding what’s “good enough” is not something you should think about at the last minute.

A pre-launch checklist entails a systematic approach to ensuring that important details are addressed before launching or relaunching a website.

Most of the items on the list list will be common to all websites, including registering a domain name and removing dummy content. Following the same list creates a routine that can hopefully be improved with each project.By adhering to a set list, both the designer and client are assured that nothing vital was assumed to be done but really forgotten.Read More…

Source : Web Designer Depot

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