CSS Bugs and Inconsistencies in Firefox 3.x

There aren’t many articles covering incompatibilities, or CSS differences in Firefox alone — and for good reason.

Firefox has always done an excellent good job of supporting both CSS and JavaScript in a standards-compliant manner without too many awkward bugs.There are, however, a few CSS properties and selectors that aren’t supported by one or more of the versions released since version 3.0., which I will cover here.

CSS Bugs and Inconsistencies in Firefox 3.x

This article will cover bugs, inconsistencies, and nonsupport. So, if you’re having trouble with a CSS property or selector in Firefox and it’s not listed here, then you’ll probably have to rethink your layout and reconsider what the culprit might be.

Since Firefox 2 is virtually non-existent, I won’t be considering that version specifically, but this information will generally apply to that version by default.

And I should note that the material for this post was taken primarily from the newly-updated SitePoint CSS reference, which is hands-down the best and most comprehensive CSS reference available anywhere.Read More…

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