Our Addiction to Phone Subsidies Keeps the Wireless Industry Broken

Ditch your smartphone contract as soon as possible, and never sign another one again.

That might mean today. Or in a few months. Or even two years from now. Whatever the best answer is, know it and do it.

Our Addiction to Phone Subsidies Keeps the Wireless Industry Broken

I was originally supposed to write an analysis piece on the wireless industry and the future of the contracts we sign to get subsidized phones. Sounds like a fun piece, right?

Well, after hours of research and interviews with a variety of telecom professionals, analysts and scholars, I have come to a conclusion this is best expressed in an op-ed: The wireless industry is a fractured, uncompetitive mess that has hooked customers on subsidized phones.

The only way that is going to change with any reasonable pace is if people recognize that they should never sign another wireless contract, whether for service or to finance a smartphone.

The Old Switcheroo

To be clear: This does not mean you should immediately leave for T-Mobile.

That’s a good decision for some people like Business Insider’s Steve Kovach, who is willing to give up his existing phone, buy a new one, sell it and then get a new phone down the line. It might be a poor fiscal decision, however, for Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica, for whom the T-Mobile offer just doesn’t offer enough of a discount in his current situation.

However, when the time is right, it might make sense to break free of your cell phone contract. Forever.Read More…

Source : Mashable

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