Path ‘a Bit Late to the Party’ With iOS 7 App Launch

Path, the social network that limits users to just 150 friends, unveiled a new version of its app for iOS 7 on Monday, nearly five months after Apple announced the new operating system back in September.

The new version of the app has all the perks that comes with an iOS 7 update, including a new swiping feature that allow users to jump back and forth between messages or settings and the home screen. Path also changed the settings to try and make it simpler for users to update their profiles, manage notifications, and share posts.

Path 'a Bit Late to the Party' With iOS 7 App Launch

The update for iOS 7 is long overdue, and most other social networks updated their iPhone apps months ago. Facebook and Twitter launched new versions of their app on the day that Apple announced the new operating system. LinkedIn and Instagram released their iOS 7 apps within a month, and Pinterest announced an iOS 7 iPad app in early December.

The fact that Path is far behind competitors in releasing the new version was not lost on CEO Dave Morin. He jokingly started off his blog post announcing the update with, “We know, we’re a bit late to the party.”

It’s been a busy few months for Path since iOS launched back in September. The company laid off 20% of its workforce in October following the decision to charge users a subscription for the full Path service. Then VP of Business Development Matt Van Horn left the company in November to pursue a startup of his own.

The company did close a third funding round in early January, as reported by Re/Code. The $25 million round was not without controversy, however. One of the new investors, Bakrie Global Group out of Indonesia, owns a number of companies that “are quite controversial,” wroteRe/Code‘s Kara Swisher. The result was a backlash from Path users on Twitter who criticized Bakrie, a “polarizing” figure in Indonesia.

The company announced 20 million registered users in September, and told Re/Code in January that number had grown to 23 million.

Source : Mashable

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