Products, Prices & Proximity Are Most Important Info On Local Business Websites

Historically, website design and optimization have been uncomfortable bedfellows. The structural and content requirements of SEO were seen to restrict the fluidity of design and user interaction, while a narrow focus on website style often meant that the need to gain visibility in search and convert clicks into customers was overlooked.

While these reluctant friends have kissed and made up, there is often too great a focus on design and optimization over the basics, i.e., what information customers value the most when they visit a website.

Products, Prices & Proximity Are Most Important Info On Local Business Websites

In January of this year, we (BrightLocal) surveyed our local consumer panel (3,000+ consumers based in US and Canada) to learn more about their attitudes and expectations toward local business websites. We wanted to understand what information is most important to them and what factors make them most likely to use a local business (or put them off contacting a business).

The following four charts cover some of the key findings from the survey. The full set of findings and charts along with gender and age breakdowns can be found on More…

Source : Search Engine Land

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