Marketers Learn to Play by Facebook’s Changing Rules

“We used Facebook advertising to help promote our page and content, but when we turned the ad campaign off, we saw a significant decrease in organic traffic to our page,” says Hawkinson, a partner at the company. “A small drop in organic traffic was expected with the loss of the ad promotions, but we experienced drops between 69% and 83%, numbers which are astounding.”

Hawkinson’s company wasn’t alone. After Facebook tweaked its News Feed algorithm earlier this year, companies and their social media marketers had to watch as years of work were undermined seemingly overnight.

Brands that committed time and money to build up brand pages with millions of followers, particularly groups that had been cutting back on advertising spending, suddenly received less of the valuable customer contact that had attracted them to the social network.

Marketers Learn to Play by Facebook's Changing Rules

The move highlighted a frustrating reality for advertisers: Social media efforts operate at the whims of companies that own the platforms and write the algorithms that drive some of the most effective tools in a marketer’s arsenal. There is little they can do other than adapt.

“I think the thing that we found as [Facebook] has been playing around with these changes, getting in front of our users on the News Feed has been a little bit more challenging,” says Anthony Soohoo, cofounder and CEO of Dot & Bo, a startup that sells home furnishings. “But it’s like any change. When Google changes its algorithm or if Twitter changes, it does impact how we as marketers have to think about managing our communication.” Read More…

Source : Mashable


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