The Ratio of Majestic SEO’s Citation to Trust Flow as an Indicator of Profile Quality

In this article, we will look at ways in which the “quality” of a profile can be numerically quantified, together with a green-amber-red idea for colour coding of sites; the intensity of which will be based on the numerical value obtained. For this purpose, we consider the ratio of the Majestic SEO quality metrics, namely, the ratio of the Citation to the Trust Flow, applied to the Majestic Million domains. We will use the boxplot scheme to determine the reasonable values of this ratio, as well as to determine outliers and extreme values.

The Ratio of Majestic SEO’s

As described in Comparing Moz and Majestic SEO Metrics with Boxplots post, reasonable values of this ratio are those that lie between the inner fences. Outliers are those data points that lie between the inner and outer fences, and extreme values lie beyond the outer fences. For the purposes of this study, we compute the ratio of the Citation to Trust Flow of all domains in the Majestic Million, and use the statistics derived from this sample as a template for quantifying the quality of a domain. If the Trust Flow is zero anywhere, we set the ratio to a very large value.Read More…

Source : Majestic Blog


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