Semantic Search is on the Rise

Anyone who’s been using web technologies for more than a decade remembers Boolean search operators. Early search engines weren’t smart enough to pick up on things like plural words, and you had to join your queries together with specific terms like “and”, “or”, and “else.” However, the deployment of Google Hummingbird, Bing’s Satori and Facebook’s knowledge graph in 2014 is clear evidence that search engines are getting much smarter at picking up on the variation behind phrasing choices, a concept known as semantic search.

Semantic Search is on the Rise

SEO news expert Colin Jeavons writes that search engine’s increasing ability to use natural language processing has already transformed SEO from a highly rigid practice to a science that’s a mixture of quality, social signals, and optimization efforts. If your primary SEO tactic isn’t quality content above keywords, it’s time to make the switch.


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