Designing for a Responsive Web

It used to be the case that to access the internet you’d have to try through a (usually very large) computer, with the familiar sounds of the modem sounding while you connected. Now though, you can access the internet through computers, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, televisions, games consoles – the list feels almost endless.

Now, on one hand this is great news. More than ever before, we can be connected to the internet at any time or place that we might want to. Whilst this is taken for granted, for many it’s also necessary. And with necessity and access we’re also often presented with impatience and the need for things to work, and work quickly.

Due to responsive websites becoming much more mainstream, even the general public (so everybody outside of the web and creative industries) have almost come to expect it when they’re browsing the web. So, all in all, responsive web design is definitely a big thing.

Designing for a Responsive Web

Source : Webdesigntuts+

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