PC emulators for the PS4 and Xbox

Want to play Xbox One and PS4 games on a PC? Well this might be a not so distant possibility now, regardless of the legal intricacies involved, as the x86 architecture in the next gen consoles will aid emulator development on the PC.

Emulators in the past have only worked with games developed for retro consoles. Instead of playing Super Mario Bros on a Nintendo console, one can download a copy of the game and load it with PC software that can emulate the Nintendo Entertainment System. Emulation is limited currently to older games, as developing an emulator is an arduous task and must typically run on hardware that is much more powerful than the original console. Consoles like NES and Super NES have working emulators, as do more recent consoles such as Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii and the first two Playstations.

However, emulator development has been almost impossible and hit a dead end with the Xbox 360 and PS3, as their codes were unique to their respective consoles, and required really heavy computing power from a PC, which meant that no working emulators for either of the consoles was ever developed.

Now that may change with the Xbox One and PS4, which for developers are gold mines for emulation. According to software engineer Ben Vanik, “It would be easier to create a PS4 or Xbox One emulator within the next year or so than it would be to create a PS3 or Xbox 360 emulator that ran at the speed of the device”. He says that the next gen consoles are based on a PC like architecture, with x86 chips and AMD graphics processors.

Source : Think Digit

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